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Benefits of using copper utensils or copper water bottles

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Benefits of using copper utensils or copper water bottles

Your grandparents must have told you how they and their ancestors used metals like copper for everyday use, such as utensils, jewellery, tools, bells, lamps, and even sculptures. This is because copper was the first pure element known to man. After the discovery of copper, men advanced from using stones to copper. Ancient civilizations in India used copper in various forms, from currency to household products. Our age-old ayurvedic texts clearly mention the usage of copper urns for drinking water. 


Copper is one of the purest metals with antibacterial properties. Over countless eras, copper has been used to treat various illnesses. Presently, the rise of ayurvedic usage and natural medicines has increased copper usage in household items, especially copper utensils. Here are some amazing health benefits of a historic metal that our ancestors can swear by:

1) Prevents Anaemia:

Almost 80% of the women in the world are dealing with anaemia. Using copper bottles or utensils can help to limit the severity of anaemia. Copper is essential for absorbing iron from the gut. When copper levels are low, the body may absorb less iron. Copper helps the body in absorbing iron.

2) Neutralizes Infections:

Copper is a natural antibiotic. When you store water in any copper utensil for more than half a day, it becomes free of all harmful microbial. Copper is effective against common waterborne disease-causing microbes.

3) Boosts Brain Performance:

Copper boosts the brain's efficiency by helping the cells effectively communicate with each other. Copper is also effective in boosting dopamine levels, which helps in preventing neurodegenerative diseases.

4) Prevents Stroke:

Copper has anticonvulsant properties making it an effective means to prevent seizures. Copper also has antioxidant properties, which disables the oxidants, thereby decreasing the risk of a stroke.

5) Heals wounds quickly:

Copper displays anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antiviral properties. Copper assists skin restoration and strengthens the immune system, helping the body to heal faster.

6) Fights Cancer:

Copper is an antioxidant and fights off all the free radicals in the body. Free radicals and their harmful effects play a major role in the development of cancer and other health conditions. Copper also helps in the production of melanin and also protects one from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

7) Heals Arthritis:

Copper has anti-inflammatory & bone-strengthening properties that cure & relieve arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. 

8) Ease in Digestion:

Historically, copper is known to kill off germs in the stomach. Ayurveda claims that drinking copper water detoxifies and cleanses the stomach. Copper also has properties that reduce the inflammation of the stomach lining and aids in better digestion. Copper is an excellent treatment for stomach ulcers, indigestion, and stomach infections.

Do's & Don'ts of drinking water from a copper bottle correctly:

Safely consuming copper is a must. Copper is required in trace amounts in the human body. Drinking water stored in a copper vessel all day every day is not recommended. Here's how you can drink water from a copper vessel safely:


  • Buy a container or bottle made of pure copper. You can buy the same from Divine Copper, delivering premium copperware made with 99% pure copper.
  • Fill the bottle with water and store it in a dry place at room temperature for 8 hours.
  • Drink the water stored in a copper bottle every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Take breaks from drinking water stored in a copper bottle. For example, after regularly drinking water stored in a copper bottle for two months, take a month-long break then repeat the process. This gives your body time to flush out the extra copper in the system.


  • Do not refrigerate the bottle.
  • Do not overdo it. Drinking water stored in a copper bottle every morning is enough to provide the necessary amount of copper to your body.


When choosing copper, choose the best!

Divine Copper is a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified Manufacturer & Exporter of Premium Copperware utensils based in Mathura, UP, India. We use 99% Pure copper (lab tested and certified) to design our entire range of copper products. We currently have 1000s of dealers/distributors. Our export is over 30% to the leading supermarkets across the globe. Our highly experienced sales team also takes care of after-sales service for any update or customization our customers are looking for. Let us help you lead your life the natural way with premium copperware. To shop for the leading copper in India, visit our website now!
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